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Budapest Castle Area - Castle Hill - Budapest Royal Palace

Budapest is the Capital City of Hungary and world renowned for its classical music, arts and architecture.

The Castle Hill District of Budapest, also known as Budapest Castle, is one of the oldest areas of the city and a World Heritage Site. Here you will find many places of historical and cultural interest and plenty of museums and galleries to explore.

Budapest city is divided into districts using a system of Roman numerals. Castle Hill is District I. Getting to Castle Hill is easy, you can get the bus or tram from Szell Kalman ter (formerly Moskva ter) or take a ride on the funicular cable car (Siklo) from Clark Adam ter, located at the Buda side of the Chain Bridge.

For a leisurely, romantic walk you can take the steps from Clark Adam Square, which takes around twenty minutes and will take you through pretty park land.

This area has been inhabited since the thirteenth century and despite the effects of wars and political uprisings and the subsequent rebuilding, Castle Hill still retains its medieval charm with its narrow cobbled winding streets, baroque buildings and Gothic archways. You will also find many cafe's, bakeries and restaurants serving a range of local foods.

Many buildings here are still privately owned residences despite their historical significance. You will find plaques on many of the houses stating a little of their history. You can explore much of the Hill in a day by walking. Cars are not allowed in the area unless you are a resident but there is a good public transport system in place and taxi cabs are readily available.

There is one surviving Old Town Gate at the entrance to Vienna Gate Square, also home to the National Archive Building.
The Mary Magdalene Tower is part of the only Christian Church in the area, the main church was destroyed in World War II and just the tower remains.

Close to the Tower is the Military Museum where you can find many artefacts including flags, weapons and military clothing. You can also find out information on the many past conflicts here, including the 1956 uprising. Holy Trinity Square is popular with tourists and lies in the centre of the district. Here you will find the Old Town Hall, the Holy Trinity Statue and Matthias Church. Some areas of the Church date back to the thirteenth century and it has been added to over the years.

Admire the architecture, spend time exploring the Church Museum or attend one of the many concerts held here. The Royal Palace is another building which has been rebuilt and added to since medieval times giving it a fascinating blend of architectural styles. Along with finding out more about its history, the Palace also houses the Hungarian National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum.

Fishermen's Bastion is an imposing building with seven turrets looking out over the city. Built in the nineteen hundreds, you can still visit the lookout towers for stunning panoramic views across Budapest. Beneath the town lies a labyrinth of caves, some created by the natural thermal springs in the area and others man made. You can take tours of the caves from the Hospital in the Rock Museum or the Buda Castle.

Buda Castle also holds wine tasting sessions in its cellar, where you can sample some of the best Hungarian wines.

There are many places to stay in the Castle Hill District, allowing you more time to explore and visiting a website such as can help you find out more about the accommodation on offer.

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