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Budapest Prices and Cost Comparison

For many visitors to Budapest, an important part of their planning is cost budgeting, however few know the 'real' costs and arrive with little or no idea at all of what they can expect to pay for goods and services - and are either pleasantly surprised by the low prices or, in some cases, quite shocked that certain prices are 'just about the same as at home'.

Prices in Budapest can vary substantially, depending on which part of the city or even between shops, restaurants and bars in the same street, so it's usually worthwhile to 'shop around' before deciding on where to buy. The most expensive areas are usually Vaci utca, which tends to attract more tourists and
Andrassy ut, which houses some of the more expensive stores, such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burburry's and several other well-known fashion and fashion accessory brands. Supermarkets in these areas are frequently more expensive than in other parts of Budapest city, where the locals do their food shopping.

While planning your trip to Budapest, a visit to the web site;
will help by giving a direct price/cost comparison and a percentage difference between your home town and Budapest for several different categories of goods and services, such as Public Transport, Taxis, Cinema Seats, Clothes and Shoes, Restaurant Prices, Food Prices, Wines and Beers etc. As an example, see the screen captures below, which compare prices between London, England and Budapest.

To find the comparison between any city in the numbeo database and Budapest, from the home page, hover the mouse over 'cost of living' near the top left of the page and a drop-down box will appear. Select 'Cost of Living Comparison'. On the new page that appears, complete boxes 1. and 2. and click the 'Compare' button.

Below: Example cost of living comparison between London and Budapest. To view in full size, click image to enlarge.

Source:, December 2012
Tip: When comparing prices and costs, another important aspect to consider is the exchange rate offered for foreign currencies. Just as with buying products, exchange rates can vary substantially in Budapest and can have quite an impact on the actual price paid when converted back into a foreign currency.

For some advice on where to exchange - and where not to exchange your currency, see our Currency Exchange Advice page.