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Cycling and Bike Rentals in Budapest and Budapest Bike Tours

Until quite recently, cycling in Budapest was considered to be quite an unpleasant and often dangerous pastime due to a combination of very limited numbers and lengths of cycle paths, heavy traffic congestion on the city streets and a certain amount of disregard shown by some drivers towards cyclists. Fortunately this situation has improved in many ways with a program of extending/increasing the number of cycle paths, a reduction in the numbers of vehicles, (especially large trucks, which are now forbidden from entering the city centre reducing the amounts of exhaust fumes), and a greater overall awareness of cyclists by other road users.

During the past couple of years, the amount, and quality of cycle paths in Budapest has increased steadily and plans to increase the total length of Budapest cycle paths to 300 km by 2015 appear to be on target.

The increased amount and safety of the Budapest cycle path network has meant that cycling in Budapest and its suburbs has become increasingly popular for visitors wanting the freedom to visit all parts of the city, without the restrictions and limitations of public transport and giving the opportunity for visitors to visit areas, both inside and beyond the city boundaries, that were previously inaccessible without a car.

Budapest is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world, listed on the 10th place.
According to The Copenhagenize Report:
'Budapest's force is strong and determined advocacy and the results are plain to be seen. Social acceptance of the bicycle is impressive, in the course of just a few short years. Some proper infrastructure is in place – bike lanes between the sidewalk and parked cars (amazing how many cities get it wrong), and the local sub-cultures are supportive of mainstreaming cycling. Something other cities can learn from. Cycling promotion is world-class, too.

There is nowhere else on the planet that can muster up 50,000-80,000 citizens for a peaceful critical mass rally, but now the job is getting them to ride every day. Intensify the political lobbying and positive marketing. Budapest is a role model for all of Central and Eastern Europe, if not the rest of the world. More infrastructure, more politicians on board and Budapest will be a legend.'

Budapest Bike Rentals: Dynamobike (, a major Budapest-based bike rental travel consultancy, provides a range of top quality bikes and services to meet the growing demand from visitors for reliable and quality bicycle rental. Along with the convenience of a personal delivery and pick-up system, plus the benefits of their years of experience in both the biking and travel industries, Dynamobike provides helpful advice and useful hints and tips to ensure that their clients get the maximum from cycling in Budapest.

About Dynamobike

Dynamobike is a top quality bike rental travel consultancy based in Budapest, with personalised guiding and delivery and pick-up services.
With numerous years experience in local and international tourism, renters are provided with reliable and complex travel tips within Hungary and abroad.

ServicesBike and accessory rentals:
All bikes are 2011 models from 2 various adult and 1 child categories.

Hybrid/ Urban bike - for city touring or longer, extensive cycling.
MTB - for an exciting off road ride.
Child bike - with all the safety and comfort for a child's needs.

Bikes are available in different frame types and sizes. Apart from the indispensable accessories they are all equipped with ABUS foldable locks, handle bar bags, tool kits, pumps and helmets.

Panniers – perfect choice for shorter city rides or longer country side trips to carry your picnic package, blanket, towel or your entire wardrobe.
Child seat – share your biking moments with your smallest one. This seat guarantees a safe and fun ride for the whole family.
Trail-gator – using a tow bar you can plan longer cycling trips with your kids. The bar can be attached to your bike and carried during your ride without any difficulties. When your child is out of energy, you just simply open and connect it to his bike.

Services – Extras
When you hire a bike from Dynamobike and if you take their tips for the city and the surroundings, you will explore more than you could have ever imagined. Extend your knowledge beyond the margins of your guidebook and take the whole experience one step further: ask about their biking tour tips, picnic ideas and family focused activities.

Individuals – Reserve a bike and get biking ideas and information.

– University groups, company incentives, conference groups - biking or walking, Dynamobike help you explore Hungary off the beaten track with a range of Budapest cycling tours.

– Family package: Hire 2 adult and one child bike and choose a complimentary accessory with your rental.

– follow the Dynamobike travel blog to find out more about Budapest bike tours and places worth visiting.

Traffic advice for cyclists

* Ride on the RIGHT side of the road

* Give way to traffic on the right hand side at an intersection otherwise signalized by traffic police, traffic sign or traffic light

* When biking you are allowed to overtake cars, just be sure you can squeeze between them.

* In some one-way streets, there are signs allowing cycling in the opposite direction. Even with the sign, be very cautious of other vehicles

* Cycling anywhere (designated bike paths, roads) always try to have eye-contact with the driver approaching you

* Speed limit: outside of populated areas is 50 km/h if you are wearing a helmet and 40km/h for those without a helmet. In cities or any other inhabited area, you can cycle up to the speed limit of 30km/h on marked bike roads and 20 km/h if you share a walkway with pedestrians.

* Drinking alcohol and cycling is not tolerated

Obligatory bike accessories:

• bell
• lamps: front and back
• prism on front wheel