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What is the Gyalog-H method?
The Gyalog-H method is a complex and unique health-care method based on years of experience, both in Hungary and abroad. The method focuses on the human body’s ability to heal itself and is based on the autonomic nervous system. The healing progress begins at a cellular level, therefore the results are permanent. The method is not a symptomatic treatment, instead it identifies and treats the fundamental complaint.

The exclusive Gyalog-H Health and Beauty Clinic is located in the world-renowned 4-star Danubius Gellert Hotel. Located on the River Danube, this beautiful and historical Art-Nouveau spa hotel was opened in 1918 and still retains it's 'old-world' character. A visit to the Gellert Thermal Baths is an absolute 'must' for many visitors to Budapest.

Health and Beauty in Budapest - the City of Spas
Budapest is renowned for its thermal baths and spa's, built above hot mineral-rich natural springs and attracting visitors from all over the world for their healing powers for a variety of skin, muscular and bone ailments. Although these natural springs have been in use since the Roman times, it was during the Turkish rule in the 16th. century that the building of the baths started. More recently, in 1996, a new, unique and revolutionary wellness treatment was developed, the Gyalog-H method. Since that time, the Gyalog-H method has gained an international reputation and recognition and has become well-known for its effective methods for the prevention and treatment of numerous medical and other conditions, which are carried out in the Gyalog-H Health and Beauty Clinic.       
Gellert Hotel Budapest
The Gyalog-H Health and Beauty Clinic offers several different health-care and beauty treatments, from a full-body screening for diagnosing and treating all kinds of health problems to personalized weight-loss programs and 15 different types of massage to relieve stress and increase the feeling of well-being.
Special packages are available for tourists and weekend visitors.

Treatments and Prices: Massage(all prices in Hungarian Forints) Full Price List Here

Swedish back massage
(refreshing - waist, back, shoulders, neck):  30 minutes: 4.000 Ft
Swedish body massage (refreshing - whole body):  60 minutes: 8,000 Ft
Body massagecomplete, plus joints: 60 minutes, 9,000 Ft
Cellulite massage: 60 minutes 9 500 Ft
Cellulite massageplus back massage: 90 minutes: 12.000 Ft
Massage with lava stones and oil (whole body): 60 minutes: 9.900 Ft
24 carat gold massage with lava stones and oil (perfect skin tightening): 60 minutes 15,000 Ft
24 carat gold massage (whole body): 60 minutes 13,000 Ft
24 carat gold massage (face, neck, upper arms): 30 minutes 6,500 Ft
Red grape massage (whole body): 60 minutes 10.000 Ft
Red grape massage (back): 30 minutes 5.000 Ft
Aroma massages according to your needs (whole body): 60 minutes 9,000 Ft
Synchronized massage for couples complete: 60 minutes 16.000 Ft
Synchronized massage for couples whole body with various oils: 60 minutes 22.000 Ft
Synchronized massage for couples with 24 carat golden massage oil: 60 minutes 26 000 Ft
Sole massage (refreshing): 50 minutes  6.000 Ft
Sole massage, plus whole body (refreshing): 90 minutes 12.000 Ft

Treatments and Prices: Medical
(all prices in Hungarian Forints) Full Price List Here

Manual Prognosis by examining the sole, diet advice:
50 minutes 15,000 Ft
Prognosis by Electromagnetic Bio-resonance Machine, diet advice:50 minutes 15,000 Ft
Combination of Manual and Electromagnetic Prognosis, diet advice:90 minutes 30,000 Ft
Nervous System Stimulation (following one of the above Prognoses):90 minutes 8.000 Ft

Discounts are available with a Gyalog-H season ticket for either 5 or 10 sessions. Please see full price-list and discounted season ticket prices.
Specials: All massages taken before 15. June are subject to a discount of 40%.
                : Discount of 25% for medical examinations and treatments with coupon below

Our Clinic and Staff
The Gyalog-H Health and Beauty Clinic is staffed by specialist qualified personnel with years of experience in their respective fields of expertise.
The separate health clinic and beauty salon are fully equipped
and designed to provide visitors with a relaxing, beneficial and positive experience.
The clip below shows the facilities and some of the available cosmetic, diagnosis methods and medical treatments.
Presently this clip is only available in the Hungarian language.
Make an Enquiry or Book an Appointment

For full details of the various health and beauty treatments available or to make an appointment, please either call or visit the Gyalog-H Health and Beauty Clinic.

Opening times:

Monday-Sunday: 08:00 - 22:00
Emergency Service: 22:00 - 05:00

Contact details:
Address: Gyalog-H Kft.
Szent Gellert ter, 1111 Budapest
Info-Line: +36 30 849 7036
Appointment Line: +36 1 361 7440

After entering the Gellert Hotel lobby, turn left and you will find the clinic just past the souvenir shops.

The Gyalog-H method is recognized by the Vatican. See:

Discount Coupon - 25% off Medical Examinations and Treatments
Budapest Vacation Service in combination with Gyalog-H is pleased to offer our web site visitors a special discount of 25% from the price of medical examinations and treatments - giving you a saving of between 2,000 Ft. and 7,500 Ft.

* Discount applies to first examination and/or treatment
* Discount cannot be used in combination with other discounts
* Please print out this discount form and present at reception
* If you are unable to print this, mention discount code BVS7

Gyalog-H Health and Beauty Clinic offers a selection of loyalty cards and discounts for regular visitors - Family Card, Beauty Card, Gift Card, Manager Card, Health Card and VIP Card.

Health  and Wellness in Budapest
Tip: Once you've finished your examination, treatment or massage, why not relax for a few hours and make the day complete by visiting the Gellert Thermal Bathsand Spa, located in the same building. Opening times of the Gellert Baths are every day from 06:00 to 20:00. See full details and a video clip showing both the indoor and outdoor pools here.