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Horseback riding holidays in the Hungarian Countryside

Introduction to the MAXIMUM Equestrian Club

The MAXIMUM Equestrian Club is located in the county of Komárom-Esztergom, close to the village, Bajna, approximately 45 Km west of Budapest. The name of the place is Öregmajor, which can be found where the air of Gerecse is clean and fresh, where the nature is untouched and the landscape is beautiful and where horses and riders are in good hands. Located on several hundred acres of rural land and situated far away from roads and traffic, the surrounding forests and meadows provide a unique location for hiking and exciting adventures.

Not limited only to horseback riding holidays, the MAXIMUM Equestrian Club welcomes all those who would like to experience the natural beauty of Hungary. Whether to just relax in the countryside or to visit different places and experience exciting activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In this beautiful environment, riding-camps for children and multi-day riding tours are organized. The equestrian events, the sight of grey cattle, the hunting and fishing possibilities, the area's sights and attractions and the former manor of Count Maurice Alexander, also known as the 'Diabolic Rider', provide a rich, relaxing and unforgettable experience for all.

The MAXIMUM Equestrian Club offers a horse riding vacation that combines excellent fishing and hunting opportunities with some outstanding horseback riding. This is perfect for groups with different interests.

For non-horse riding guests, a broad range of sport and leisure activities and cultural programs are available, for example,
horse cart riding, chaise, trip in the forest, seeking wild animals, hunting, fishing, mountain bike trips, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, shooting plates, archery, quad riding, paint-ball, trips on foot with a guide and with wine tasting. In addition to these, organization of sport and team-building programs and excursions to neighbouring cities, including Budapest, or meeting with local craftsmen and local people to get acquainted with their daily life and habits and tours of the several tourist attractions that can be found in the neighbourhood.

The riding tours are guided and controlled by an experienced and licensed English speaking guide.

Several different options are available, including;

Luxury Wellness Rides with accommodation in a 5-star category apartment complex, built on the picturesque slopes of Gerecse, combined with horse riding programs.

Wine Tasting Rides with accommodation at a 4-stars 'Wine Hotel', located by the gently rolling hills around Neszmély, in one of Hungary's traditional wine growing regions, just 75 kilometres from Budapest. Total relaxation with a wonderful panorama over the river Danube, breathtaking sunsets and an excellent restaurant.

Progressive Inn Rides with accommodation at comfortable inns or lodges in a different location each night and your luggage and personal belongings transfered for you from one inn to the next, ready for when you arrive.

or for real adventure seekers;

Wilderness Camping Rides wilderness horseback riding tours where over-nights are usually spent in tents, with equipment transported by a support vehicle.

For more information, please contact;

Mr. Marton Halasi
Licensed Equestrian Tour Guide