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Make the most of your Budapest properties. Budapest Vacation Service provides property management services for vacation apartments and commercial properties in Budapest. If you want to maximize on your Budapest property investments, then please contact us to arrange a meeting and property viewing.                                   email:                                       tel: +36 30 5559678
Do you have any idea how much you are losing each and every month your property remains vacant?

Your loss of rental income, combined with condominium costs, utility charges and  property management fees can add up to a hefty - and unsustainable - burden each month.

We can solve this problem, both in the short- and long-term and because we never charge management fees for vacant properties, we effectively reduce your monthly costs and have the 'extra incentive’ to work harder to find you a suitable tenant.

Budapest property management services.

Once we have located a tenant, our competitive fees enable you to really maximise on your property investments in Hungary, and give you the benefits of working with a management company with a reputation for transparency, reliability, superb communication skills, personal 'customer care’ and attention to detail.

Our own database of tenants combined with excellent co-operation with leading, locally based real-estate agents, ensures that your properties will benefit from the broadest possible exposure and start to generate income in the shortest time.

With more than 90% of our Budapest managed properties consistently occupied, can you really afford not to list your property with us?

If your Budapest property is presently rented but you are less than satisfied with the service you’re receiving from your management company, then contact us to see how we can help you.

Are you making the most from your property investments in Budapest?
Recently received from one of our satisfied clients:

To whom it may concern,

I originally invested in Budapest about six years ago. It turned out to be a complete disaster where I used a series of management companies both big and small. I received no return on my investment and in some periods I received a negative return where I had to put in extra funds.

I can literally write a book about the incompetence, dishonesty and simple thievery that I suffered.

Rent money went missing, accounting mistakes were made always in the manager’s favour, extra un-agreed charges were made, flats were rented without my knowledge with the whole rent going to the management company, incorrect furniture expenses and maintenance repairs were made. Money simply disappeared and I had major problems when I did a renovation on a property which resulted in me flying to Hungary 15 times in one year.

I had no peace of mind- it was a complete nightmare and I had almost given up finding a trustworthy company in Budapest.

I was thus very skeptical when I met Martin Collins. However I was very quickly pleasantly surprised.

He is simply completely honest and trustworthy. He has a very strong sense of ethics, and managed properties as if he was managing his own properties. He always put my interest first even if it was to his detriment. Nothing seemed to much - if it meant spending hours queuing at a utility company or hounding a house manager who refused to meet his obligations - then Martin never faltered.

He has a great personality and thus tenants renting my flats love him. He was always on hand to deal with any problem. He has the network to get results and thus changed things totally around to generate a good positive return and give me complete peace of mind.

I have total respect for Martin’s business ethics and cannot recommend more highly. I am in debt to him for him resolving my nightmare.

I am happy to give a verbal reference, if anyone wishes to have a more detailed discussion.

Yours faithfully,

Mark Reynolds
UK Tel: 07813 818151
US cell: +1 425 442 0357
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